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seminario de cretividad - silke artista textil

Creativity seminar

Silke works in depth on our creative potential, offering a more personalized attention. She guides us with imagination, intuition, fantasy and visualization exercises, liberating us from unconscious blocks, until we discover our creative riches.

taller de cretividad - silke artista textil

Creativity workshop

Silke guides us through visualization exercises and several interaction practices until we connect with what each one of us is and feels, developing an awareness of our own creative potential.

visitas guiadas - silke artista textil

Guided tours

In these visits, Silke will share her experiences and knowledge of the profound symbolism of the Major Arcana, manifested in her series “The Arcana”.

charlas educativas - silke artista textil

Educational talks

Silke’s talks are enriched by her vast trajectory as a textile artist and her constant search for new techniques as applied to art. They’re accompanied by projections.



color es vida Silke artista textil

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