The creative process is not always the same.

Sometimes it emerges from the training in sculptural art, where the flow of ideas and intuitions interplay. The practice of techniques also aids creation.

But sometimes something magical happens and I feel united with the entire universe. It is an unexplainable sensation… of totality, of euphoria, of enthusiasm, of plenitude. I surrender to that mystery, where logic has no space. Sometimes I dare think that out there are ideas that seek a body through which to express themselves, as if the idea were corporeal and one were the channel through which they manifest. And since the idea emerges from the Universe, it vibrates with a different energy, which isn’t human. Could that be the cause of my sensations?

Once the idea has taken over me, I see it completely finished, down to every detail. Curiously, that idea always has to do with me… As I visualize it, I internalize it and open my entire perception to make her mine. Imagination, intuition, and the deep lived experience of symbolism constitute the fertile ground for each visualization. In that moment, I am the image.

Then, it lets me go. It is light and transparency. I see it completely finished, suspended in the air, asking to be realized.

That moment comes with the great challenge: How to reveal it to others?

When a new technical challenge emerges, I remember the “light image”. That’s where I discover the techniques. Then I start to materialize. Every shape, every line, every color contributes its own vibrational climate. Step by step, the work gestates; it’s hours and hours of tireless work, of great emotional intensity. These are times that unleash an inner regeneration, times of meditation.

Such intimate and deep contact with the idea is a communion between image, realization and fulfillment. Although the materials have their own weight and demands, and the physical work requires effort, the meaning of the work makes it feel light.

When the work comes to its conclusion, different feelings wash over me, similar to what I feel when I finish a book that had kept me in a state of un-reality that felt supreme.

And yet the work has been born.


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