Trump 15: The Devil

Trump 15: The Devil

This extremely powerful symbol has always been associated with temptation. It is a vital force, still in disorder, which can be directed in a constructive or destructive way.

Temptation refers to the destructive use of said force: manipulation and abuse of power, malice, slander, envy, hatred, overemphasis on the material, false pride.

Repressing this overbearing energy can bring illness to our bodies, which is why it becomes necessary to learn to harness its strength and transform it, giving it appropriate forms and putting it to the service of coexistence.

One of the most positive ways of resolving this tension is, without a doubt, creativity.

Only the force of love is more powerful, and allows the creative transformation of the force of The Devil.

  • Astrological relationship:Capricorn
  • Hebrew letter:Ayin