Gaseous State

It appears as breath, blow, summer breeze,
spring wind, polar winds,
hurricanes, storms and whirlwinds.
It is present in inspiration and expiration.
Its absence leads to death.
It overcomes distances, and manifests
in the movement of leaves.
It relates the whole with the whole.
It is neutral, carrying fragrances and sounds.
It is restless, elastic, able to compress and expand.
It is flexible and light, and adapts to all shapes.
Transparent to light, it can not be captured,
it can only be recognized through its action.
It tends to all directions, exist within
and without all things as “ether“.


Corresponding behaviours

Moving, flexible, independent, investigator, organizer, critical.
Balanced, penetrating, radiating, extrovert, coordinator.
Docile and adaptable, it creates atmospheres of communication.
Iridiscent, superficial and communicative.
It’s the diplomat, who balances and facilitates communication between opposites.
It is also the man who looks for the truth.
It’s the thinker, the one who reflects.
Searching for knowledge, he learns and teaches.
Living in harmony with this element means: Avoiding fights, agressions and decisions.
Constantly striving for harmony.
Being restless, intelligent, logical, joyful, free, generous.
Having wisdom and freshness but with creative strength.
Facing life, to the point of dening one’s own destiny.
Full of ideas.
The person who communicates with it Surrenders fully to the plane of communication.