Solid State

It manifests as sand,
dust or mud,
ground of forests and cities,
humus, turf, moss,
earth of flowerbeds
and clay.
Also as pebble,
Rocks, mountains.
The grain of sand
in the gearing.
The earth nurtures,
gives and maintains
Crushing but adaptable.
Molding and modeled.
Receptive, stable, constant,
tangible and evaluable,
hard but fresh.
It tends downwards
and can be constructed upwards.
Opaque, it is not elastic
or transparent.
The earthly world gives
space preponderance.
The earth remains.


Corresponding behaviours

It is conventional and orderly,
Stubborn and trustworthy
with norms and canons,
dogmatic, stiff and tenacions.
Held by the past,
stingy, protector,
patient, careful and meticulous.
The earth type supervises
yours and mine.
He respects forms and frontiers
of body and mind.
He is realistic.
He needs belongings,
material goods.
Living in harmony with
this element means:
ferrous and having both feet on the ground,
keeping the conventional forms,
Being constructive,
Constant and faithful.
Being healthy, physically strong
and patient.
Enjoying the pleasure of the senses.
Facing destiny
with imperturbable inflexibility.
The person who contacts with it
faces security
and limitations.