The Keys of Enoch

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Keys to universal knowledge emerge in the ancient texts attributed to Enoch, the ante-diluvian biblical character.

He is associated with Hermes, Hermes Trismegistus, Thoth, Metatron, T-enoch-titlán, etc.

In these four tables the keys of knowledge that connect astrology, arcana, the elements, Kabbalah, letters, numbers, and geomancy are represented.

These offer a brief visual approximation to that which is incomprehensible; they are organized so as to inquire into the keys individually or jointly.

They are depicted as truncated pyramids which allude to human evolution. The cusp is still tacit, because humans haven’t reached that level of evolution yet.

Las tablas no son estáticas y su dinamismo implícito genera en las distintas personas sensaciones, percepciones y conexiones diferentes, posibilitando una ampliación de

la conciencia hacia el Todo, que es el Uno.